I am not happy.

2008-06-17 03:04:09 by Jam-Bot

I'm not happy, Newgrounds. It's nothing major, in fact, it's really a little, retarded thing that I shouldn't even care about but fully and completely do. Bones is a TV program that I quite like, in fact, no, that I really like. And then they bring back another show that I really like, Skins, and put it on at the same time as Bones and now I'm all pissed off. That's about it. Retarded, I know, but I don't care. I want to watch both.


2008-06-10 20:52:55 by Jam-Bot

It was funny, I deleted a flash movie that was crap and somehow didn't get blammed like all my other ones (some of which I think were good, a lot better than that hunk of shizen anyways ¬_¬) and it said it got blammed and I was at whuttif. That's it. Not interesting, I know, but the other post that was up here for a year and a half was starting to get boring.


2007-08-14 19:47:29 by Jam-Bot

I am freaking OWNED by the flu right now. You know that feeling when someones shoved about 20 cotton balls up your nose and whaked your head non-stop with a 2 tonne mallet? Yeah, that's what I feel like. The only one even slightly good thing about it is that I don't have to go to school. In other news, my tablet is broken, sucky eh? And what makes it even more sucky is that I can't draw with a mouse to save my life!